indian restaurant Curry House

«Curry House» — Old Indian restaurant in Saint Petersburg, Russia. 1st Curry house restaurant was opened for you in 2013. Here you can discover the taste of the culinary tradition of mysterious India.
We can offer you vegetarian and non-vegetarian menus from Indian cuisine. In addition, our restaurant boasts an impressive collection of Indian alcohol to satisfy you.

Logo Curry House Indian restaurant

In a soothing environment with the sounds of traditional Indian music, you will forget about the hustle and bustle of the big city.
We always use only high-quality, natural ingredients. Our chefs follow the tradition and strict recipes when preparing Indian dishes.


Highly qualified team of personnel with Cooks from India.


Our restaurants are located in the center of St. Petersburg


Free Wi-Fi for you.


Convenient modes of payment. We accept cash & cards payments.

Address of indian restaurant "Curry House"

St. Nekrasova, House № 8, Saint Petersburg, Russia.


Daily from 11:00 till 23:00

Our restaurant have 54 seats and we will be happy to help you celebrate any event: wedding, anniversary, birthday, friendly parties and other celebrations, as well as organize various business events (with an average check of 1000 rubles per person).
On birthday occasion, you get upto 10% DISCOUNT!

We also often host events regarding them we will inform you in advance.

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